My Travel Articulation Box

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For the last several months, I have been bringing this articulation box with me everywhere for therapy, and I’m LOVING it. What’s the purpose? I want to be able to do articulation therapy anywhere, with absolutely no planning, and have a lot of materials at my fingertips!

First, I should explain how I like to do articulation therapy. I want lots of trials, so whatever “activity” we’re doing needs to be easy, quick, and with lots of turns. To help get lots of trials, I like using dice or dominoes–students say their target word or phrase the number of times that is on the domino or die. To keep activities simple and moving, I end up loving things like making marks and moving manipulatives!

Examples of making marks:

  • marking trials with bingo dotters
  • checkmarks with dry erase markers on laminated cards
  • crossing out pictures
  • making tallies with water and paint brush on construction paper

Examples of moving manipulatives:

  • lining up, stacking, or covering pictures with mini erasers
  • grouping mini objects
  • tearing apart or stacking blocks
  • covering up pictures with tokens
  • picking up pom poms with tweezers

All of these examples can be done quickly, so we spend most of our time producing sounds. As a bonus, many of these things don’t take up much room! I found the perfect box to hold my manipulatives and markers. I found it at a surplus store and I think the original intent was to be a kids’ play money holder of sorts. Similar options can be found here or here. Plastic jewelry boxes or tackle boxes, especially those with adjustable compartment sizes may be good places to start if you want to look around!

While the exact contents of my box change as I switch things out periodically, these are what I usually have on rotation (and can address any articulation goals with!)

I can use this box with articulation worksheets, games, or simply on it’s own! What are your must-have articulation therapy resources??

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