Surviving the End of the Year in Speech

Well hello there, it’s been a minute! I’ve been in the midst of evaluations, IEPs, and adding new kids to my therapy schedule…all the fun things I’m sure everyone else is doing this time of year, too! I’d thought I’d pop in for a moment to talk about a few things that are kind of saving my life right now, and getting me through that final, crazy push before summer!

1. My Library!

I pretty much wax poetic about my love for my library on Instagram, so you may have heard this before. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–the library is a great place for (FREE!) therapy resources! At my library, there’s a huge variety of puzzles, toys, and games you can check out in the kids’ section, which are great things to add in the rotation for students. Kids love new stuff, but you don’t have to spend money getting it! Also, I recently discovered themed book bags at my library. I recently checked out the “Bugs” theme, and got 5 picture books about bugs, felt bugs to use in games, and a booklet of bug-themed songs, rhymes, and crafts. I made this last two weeks in therapy! When the end of the year is crazy with paperwork and getting in those IEP meetings before summer, the last thing I want to be doing is taking tons of time planning for therapy. This made it SO easy.

An easy craft to go along with one of the books!

2. Garage Sales

Depending on the area in which you live, garage sales may or may not be popular. But where I live in Ohio, the first rounds of community garage sales are popping up. Garage sales are some of my favorite places to get games and books for therapy. I just stocked up on books for 25 cents a piece at the garage sale of a teacher whose school had just purchased entire libraries for each classroom! She had more than she knew what to do with, and you better believe this SLP stocked up! Nothing like some new books to perk up a classroom library for the end of the year!

3. Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Just being honest, ha! You need something to get you through those late nights of report writing! I’ve cut back on dairy in the past year, and finally decided to stop eating ice cream since I realized it gave me a stomachache every time I ate it!  BUT. Guys, Ben and Jerry’s has done it. They have made some awesome dairy-free ice cream that doesn’t make you sad when you eat it–you feel like it’s the real thing! My favorites are Peanut Butter Half Baked and P.B. and Cookies! I’m holding out for my grocery store to stock Chunky Monkey–that’ll be the day! Drool.


Let me know what’s getting you through these last couple weeks! We’re almost there, woot!




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