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Hello there!

If you don’t know me, I’m Emily and I’m a speech-language pathologist. This past year has brought a lot of changes for me–I changed jobs, I’m learning how to be a mama to a now 1-year-old, and I’ve been cooking up some fun creative projects in the form of my Teachers Pay Teachers store (and talking about them on Instagram)! I’ve been itching (for years, really) to start a blog, and the new year seemed like a perfect time to do it.

Professionally, I have passions for early intervention, language development, and social language. Whether I am in the clinic or in the schools, I try to to include the family and/or classroom teachers as much as possible–an empowered mom can do much more to model rich language at home than I can in 1-2 hours of therapy a week. And in the classrooms, isn’t that ever-elusive, Holy Grail idea of carryover what we all strive for?

Here, you can expect to find therapy ideas, teaching tools, and the otherwise random ramblings of a pediatric SLP. I love my job, I love being creative, and I LOVE the community of SLPs I have found as I have blundered my way through attempts to create things on the internet!

So welcome to my next thing, For Love of Language the blog. Stay tuned for more exciting ideas coming your way!





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